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Digital technology offers new and innovative ways for businesses to reach and engage customers, deliver their services, and achieve their business goals. But all too often businesses get blinded by technology seeing it as the solution to all their problems. In the rush to innovate they forget the power of brand and the importance of understanding their customers. The result? A lot of expensive digital transformation gone wrong. 

In this talk Organic’s Creative Strategist, Ben Cooper, discusses the dangers brands face when they get the tech goggles glued on too firmly. 

This webinar was delivered live on the 18th of November 2020. You can access the recording by filling out the form.

The webinar explored: 

  • Why brand can get relegated to window dressing
  • The power that brand brings to digital, even (and especially) in these unusual times
  • How one very high profile brand went tech-first and came a cropper, before reversing their fortunes with a different approach
  • Examples of brands harmonising tech and brand 
  • Ways you can ensure your digital activity reaps the benefits of brand and tech through human-centred thinking



  • Southernhay Studios
  • Southernhay
  • East Exeter
  • EX1 1AP
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  • Hogarth House
  • 136 High Holborn
  • London
  • WC1V 6PX
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